Bit about Moi

Just your average Alex(andria)  creating a blog that people may or may not see. I’ll save  you all the cliché talk about how I know there’s tons more out there and one day I was just so inspired blah blah blah. A little life advice: do it anyways. Not for fame or glory. For yourself because you can, because mentally it helps, because if it does ever inspire and encourage someone then it’s what makes it worthwhile. As for the rest of me…

I am an underserving wretch saved by His legit amazing grace. Nothing I’ve done deserves the least bit of what I’ve been given. ( I feel so beyond blessed sometimes I don’t know how to contain it; so usually bursts of silly smiling and dancing occur.)  I’m not a perfect lighting, artsy, Instagram picture. I am truly a hot mess sometimes. Travel and language are my passions.  I am a lover of coffee, making coffee, and collecting coffee cups. I adore music and sharing music so if you ever want some new music- ask me! I love to make things pretty. Taking pictures of cool things I like is a complete norm for me. Putting smiles on faces that don’t is a daily goal. I seek to serve and encourage. And last BUT not least: I just want to be more like Christ.  I just desire to be real and hopelessly in love with Christ; so much so that the love just overflows into loving other people as He has loved me.

I hope if you’re reading this that you explore my penny’s worth of thoughts and maybe take something away that helps or encourages you. Remember you are loved by a God who is real whether you believe it or not. Remember life is 10% what happens to you and 90% your reaction. I hope you have an amazing day…or better yet decide to have a great day no matter what life throws at you!

~ Alexandria ~